0844 Numbers FAQ Page

How long does it take to set up an 0844 number?

Usually set up within 15 minutes of us receiving a confirmed order (this is if we receive the order during office hours of 9am-5pm UK Mon-Fri).

How do you know how much to pay me for my revenue share

Every month we send you a statement which shows your numbers along with all the calls that you have received. We itemise this statement showing you the caller’s numbers, time of call, duration of call in seconds and finally the amount we owe you for your call revenue. Once you have received this statement you invoice us for the amount and we pay you by BACS or cheque.

Once I have set up my number with you can I change where it is pointed to and how long does this take?

You can change where your 0844 number is pointed to and you can either have access to your numbers online so that you can do it yourself or you can contact us to do it for you. The process only takes minutes to change where your 0844 number is pointing to.

I would like to point an 0844 number to an international phone number. Is this possible?

Yes. Please call us on 08448 222 666 for information on how this works and the costs. For major international countries we can point your number to an international landline for free.

Why are you giving away free 0844 numbers providing it points to a landline?

We give these away as we are making a small margin on the calls that are received. We give the majority of the revenue share to you and keep a small part back for ourselves.

Why does it cost me 16p per minute to route my 0844 number to a mobile?

As we have to push your number to a mobile we incur a cost from the network for making the call to the mobile phone. This cost is directly passed on to you.

How long do I have to keep the number running for and what are the minimum contract terms?

All our 0844 numbers have a minimum term of just 30 days. If you would like to cease the service with us please let us know 30 days in advance via the email on your invoice.

I have a number with another supplier, can I move this to you?

Yes. We have what is known as 'porting agreements' with the following companies:- Thus (Your Communications), Cable & Wireless, BT, Opal, Energis, Colt, Verizon, Kingston and many more. If you are interested in moving your 0844 number to us please contact us and we can quickly check to see if it can be ported.

Do I have to wait until my number reaches a certain amount of calls or pounds before you pay us our revenue share?

No. We will pay out even if you only receive one call for one minute.

I have a larger budget and I’m looking for a memorable number, can you help?

Yes – please visit our sister site www.citynumbers.co.uk for more information on highly memorable numbers.

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